Very Special Agent JASON LUTZ is on a secret mission!

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Stay updated on top-secret VSA files and the Motion Comic!

A gruesome murder sets off a chain of sinister events!

A stunning young model is abducted by an army of zombies!

The police are helpless, lost amidst a labyrinth of clues!

Very Special Agent JASON LUTZ embarks on his most perilous mission! The diabolical supervillain and mad scientist, DR. ELMAR SCHNITZEL, hatches a scheme to create a legion of super soldiers, aided by NAZI ZOMBOIDS and kidnapped Beauty Queens!

JASON LUTZ must stop him at all costs!

MYRA RADOMSKAYA, the sexiest and most seductive assassinette of the “Serviett Union,” is hot on his trail!

A towering, grotesque creature, mutated by a dubious penis enlargement ointment, unleashes chaos and leaves a trail of death in its wake!

And then the story takes a truly bizarre turn…

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