Introducing the inaugural VSA COLLECTION

Operation Genesis – JASON LUTZ – Limited to 600 exclusive accesses via NFTs,
priced at $55 each – a gateway to unparalleled experiences.


Excited for JASON LUTZ’s next moves? Explore our profile on our partner platform NClip! Gain exclusive access to upcoming chapters, join us in crafting episodes, and own a piece of VSA blockchain history. Don’t miss out – dive in today!

For a smoother user experience, we recommend using desktop for the purchase process. Authentication pop-ups will be required.

If you encounter any issues, feel free to reach out to us.

This limited-access series marks the debut official JASON LUTZ collectible.
Gain privileged entry to upcoming JASON LUTZ Motion Comic chapters, enjoy behind-the-scenes insights, participate in our vibrant community, secure coveted cameo opportunities, and receive exclusive airdrops.

The collection showcases 600 distinct frames, each capturing its individual essence.

Regardless of the number sold, each of our limited-access series is also time-limited. After the sales period ends, all unsold badges will be removed from the market. A maximum of 20 will then go into the VSA vault wallet, and the rest will be burned.

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